Here’s to our bright future, together.

We are happy that you are here, taking the time to read our little blog.

Here’s to our bright future, together.

I still remember the day when I first went to watch a movie in a theatre. I was 10 years old and so far I only had the opportunity to have a look at the building from the outside while passing. The movie was called Thenkasipattanam, a slapstick comedy with an ensemble cast. It was funny and I laughed so hard throughout the movie for all the cheesy jokes it had. I cried when things got emotional, and I had my first experience of hiding my tears from others in a public place. I didn’t know that nobody was watching me. But let’s be honest, was it a great movie to begin your journey as a cinephile, I doubt so.

That was the only option I had though. Coming from a conservative background and a remote village in Kerala there were limitations. But I was elated; I had my heart in my mouth while I was entering the room. It was different, I knew it. I found my happy place. It took me many more years to formally start my journey as a regular filmgoer. And now that I have the access to watch movies at my convenience, I still can’t wait to go to the theatre and get myself completely immersed in the story. It is beautiful. In some way we are all lucky to have that experience, isn’t it?

Movies are an experience. The story of redemption: A chance to walk in the shoes of the hero, his/her constant struggle to come out of the hurdles which life throws at them. Fighting against the evil forces and eventually getting out of it as a winner. Or the inevitable tragedies await them at the end of it all. There is something about movies that stays with you. Sometimes it changes you, at least for a split second. It motivates you, and at times it makes you empathize with others. It teaches you about different cultures, customs, and most human behavior. As far as I can remember, there is not a day in my life without me thinking about a movie I saw, or I want to make.

We have no shortage of great storytellers these days. They are everywhere, and I’m super excited for them and myself for sharing the same experience through a story. I’m looking forward to watching it all. Yes, all of them.

I’ll be writing here occasionally, and please stay tuned for more updates about the little world we are creating for you guys, the classic film enthusiast. We are delighted that you’re here and let’s make this world a better place with one movie at a time.

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