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What do Steven Spielberg, Marlon Brando and Francis Ford Coppola have in common?

They are Oscar winning legends beloved by millions of Indians.

They are also masters of cinema who were taught the craft early in their life.

Sadly, that’s not something most Indians can relate to.

Until now.

We at Filmstud.io have a simple goal that promises to bring about massive change in Indian cinema: connect aspiring creatives with exceptional professionals.

For far too long, there’s been two Indias when it comes to cinema.

One filled with thousands of industry professionals who spend years painstakingly honing their craft and pushing through barriers to bring us movies that broaden our minds and touch our hearts.

The other, less visible India resides in cities, towns and villages. They are voracious consumers of cinema who are dying to create their own vision on screen. What they lack isn’t passion or persistence. It’s simply a path.

A path towards becoming an actor, a director, a screenwriter. An artist.

Filmstud.io aims to provide that pathway. By collaborating with the best industry professionals to design specific courses. We don’t mean just videos (though there’ll be a ton of them!) but live interactive sessions and case studies that need to be analyzed.

You’ll be learning from the best directors, cinematographers and editors in Indian cinema. Perhaps just as important, you’ll be forming lasting bonds with your fellow coursemates and hopefully future collaborators!

Because ultimately, that’s the dream we at Filmstud.io are nurturing. Signing up for our classes may get you that Oscar two decades from now. But what’ll truly make us smile…is seeing your name flash on screen when the credits roll.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Statement of Vision

Stories, the oldest art form known to man, needs a digital upgrade. We envision establishing a platform for every creative person to improve and showcase their talent in filmmaking. We aim to incorporate technology into making movies more profitable and strive to be at the forefront of producing quality content.

Statement of Mission

Film studio’s mission is to streamline educational content, tailor-made for anyone who is looking to learn from our exceptional creators. These will be made available by means of online classes and workshops. Our aim is to bring every nuance of film making easily available to every curious individual who can study from the very visionaries they idolize.

Our Team

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Muhammed Shaheem


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Nidhin Shah Asharaf

Co Founder

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Geethu George

Project Manager

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Technical Consultant

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